Thursday, May 5, 2011

city sidewalks and self care

In my therapist's office there's this funny little basket. Full of random goodies including a candle that I thank my stars she never burns (it's lavender, which is a scent that I am not exactly friends with - except for one perfume that Anthropologie used to sell), a journal, a fluffy plushie penguin, and other random objects that make her happy.

Her basket is there as an example of a self care box. The point of the box being that when you're in a good mindset, you track down things that you love, calm, and center you and put them in a box for easily accessibility when things are a little bit murkier or you're fighting an urge. That instead of having to go through the steps when you're already in that mindset of thinking of things, all you have to think to do is go to get that box.

The boxes can have candles, lotion, bubble bath, coloring books, nail polish, word searches, logic puzzles, books, playing cards, movies, a game, canned pumpkin (baking helps to calm me), whatever works for you. Consequently making every person's slightly different.

Saturday was an odd one for me as was Sunday. So I opened up a folder on my computer (hello virtual Self Care Box)  entitled, "Things I Love," which is mainly composed of pictures I've taken, quotes I love, a few ebooks, etc. It made me want to go experience something I love a lot... my city. I live in the most dangerous city in the United States supposedly, but I feel safe and secure. So I went on a walk through some of the places I love with my Nikon D80.

What would you put in your self care box?


  1. this is such a great idea! I've received a lot of really lovely and supportive emails lately and I can see that printing those out and putting them in a box for the difficult time will be really helpful.
    Thanks you for sharing this idea - and for sharing those beautiful photos :)

  2. I really, really like these photos.

  3. Thanks.

    I know I don't talk about photography a lot - mainly because I feel like I take pictures rather than engage in photography... the pictures almost take themselves in a way since I do live in a place that lends itself so well to taking photographs. Nature created the images. I just happened to be there with a camera.


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