Wednesday, June 8, 2011

well that WAS helpful

 (photo credit to Living Life Fully)

I hear people all the time utter the phrase, "well that was UNhelpful"

and it wasn't until I was taking a walk tonight (I really need to quit walking late at night - though I do better maintain my train of thought) that I started to wonder what was helpful... I urge those reading to add to this list in the comments section as I am genuinely curious.

helpful is the kind front desk lady at my therapist's office who always has a smile, remembers me, and speaks sweetly when I call timid about scheduling an appointment.

helpful is when people acknowledge you are there, not part of the scenery, and as a result respect that you have feelings, views, and thoughts

helpful is when someone reminds you that a dress is just a dress and that needing a size smaller (or larger) isn't a necessarily a crisis, but rather needing a size smaller (or larger)

helpful are  the people who know when to push and when to quit
helpful is mourning the past while also toasting to the potential the future holds

helpful can be a smile, an email, or a phone call (particularly from my great aunt)

helpful is the person that's there for you when you're not 100% there for yourself
helpful is the understanding that sometimes pushing away means you want to be pulled closer... maybe even hugged

helpful is when you feel able to cry in front of someone

helpful is when you receive little reminders that you are of worth

helpful is compassionate at time
helpful is feeling validated
helpful is loving me when i least deserve it, because you know that's when i really need it the most
helpful is having meals in the fridge prepared

helpful is someone smiling when you're feeling down

helpful is knowing when to take a break - and knowing it's okay TO take a break

what is helpful to you?

[oh and hula hooping to Adele is ALWAYS helpful ;)  ]


  1. helpful is having intelligent young women who share what's helpful to them.

    helpful is knowing that no matter what, someone can understand how you feel.

  2. a) please be careful walking at night....

    helpful is having a friend who can always make you laugh, no matter how upsetting things seem

    helpful is having that person who will accept you as you are, but gently push you to be the best you can be

  3. Helpful is having friends and family that tell you what you need to hear, even if it isn't what you WANT to hear.

    Helpful are friends like you <3

  4. Yeah, I really NEED to quit walking at nearly midnight as that's not really safe to do... well, anywhere really.

    and thanks all for your contributions!

  5. Helpful is the editor who emails you just to tell you you did a great job writing that story, then pays you on time :-)


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