Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inspired by Serra -- my happy place.

when i was growing up my happy place was my closet. whenever we moved we usually moved into base housing (a couple of exceptions) which in the 80s and 90s all looked very cookie cutter. So every time we moved my closet was the same. a small rectangle with a wooden shelf at the top. Whenever I would feel unsafe or unsettled I would climb on a nearby desk, dresser, or chair and hoist myself up to that top shelf. sit there. curl up there. and wait it out.

in high school i would go to my walk-in closet when i got unsettled as well... if i was extremely afraid i would lock myself in my bathroom and pretend to take a bath. it made me feel untouchable.

now i am an adult. i live in 1200sf apartment with a roommate and for the first time in a long time i feel safe in my own home. in the process of creating this safe environment, i've also created something else... something Serra discussed her last post -- a happy place.

Without further ado, I bring to you my happy place... my bedroom (no surprise there probably)

That is my little wooden piggy bank that I love... I got him at an antique store - I went in to get a nightstand and walked out with a 3 tier stand/jewelry holder and him... The shadow box on the shelf above it (by my wedges) was made for me one Christmas by a friend of mine.

And this is my bed (and part of my nightstand)... it's pretty high up (31" from the top of my mattress to the floor)... and the bedding comes from my all time favorite store - Anthropologie -- the duvet is the Crowned Crane which has little wooden flowers in the middle of all those tucks and the pillowcases come from the love letter set (minus the green pillow case and the dust ruffle which I had to special order due to the insane drop).

Where there is now a pink folding chair will soon be a chaise lounge. I made the curtain... and I strung up twine on the wall and used clothespins to hang up various vintage photographs along with a postcard and two photographic prints. On the middle line I also have various letters and cards that people have written me. Ones that made me smile upon receiving. That drawing depicting the phrase, "love your tree" always makes me smile. Oh and I love wine bottles - too bad you can't see the penguin wine bottle :(

You can tell how high up my bed is in this picture though... What looks like very minimal space due to seeing my bed in the picture (this was taken from the corner of my bed) is actually about 10 feet of empty floor space

My favorite piece of artwork ever. LeilaniJoy is absolutely amazing. I love her interpretation of Swan Lake

This is my happy place, because it's mine and I feel like I created the space in a way. I picked it all out myself (minus a brown wardrobe that my landlady has in the room as a requirement since the room has no actual closet) and let it organically unfold... things were purchased over a duration of time... and my room resulted.

I think creating your own space can allow you to both nurture and to discover yourself. Surround yourself with things that make you happy or remind you of happy times. That make you feel comforted and help to create an environment that allows you to feel safe to be yourself.

Anyways, that's my happy place. Where is your happy place?

Oh and P.S. two things:
1) tomorrow I will be in Chicago for Generation Mirror's first annual spring fundraiser, so expect a REALLY late post! sorry!!

2) Project "Me Time" is going well. Obviously with the trip to Chicago and all.. and I managed to go to the Farmers' Market... and to fit in a date and a hummus making adventure with Chris --- still working on the canopy though...

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  1. Kat you have such fabulous taste and i love that picture/painting!


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