Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lessons from Fraggle Rock

So I'm writing this earlier in the week than usual, because I have studying to do this weekend.

Fraggle Rock was probably my most favorite television show as a child (despite what the threadbare Rainbow Brite blanket of my childhood would have you believe) and now it is back on television (re-runs obviously.. you can't remake something as classic as Fraggle Rock)

The episode I happened to catch whilst I should have been sleeping was "The Minstrels" in which Cantus (a minstrel with a magical flute) comes to town and tells the Fraggles he wants to create a melody with them. Red (who always wants to be #1 and to win -- oh how I related to Red as a child) volunteers to start off the melody. They're all told to find their own songs... only Red doesn't know what her's is. Everyone else is finding their's.. but not darling Red. So she steals the magic flute in an effort to become aware of her song... as the flute (as it's explained) knows everyone's song. However, it won't provide it to her - because "the song cannot be played in order to be heard"

While this is very hippie, utopian sounding... I think it's quite relevant. I think sometimes people have a tendency to look outside of themselves for things that are truly within... and have been the entire time. Believing that we have to see things in order to experience or be them. We see people doing this (myself included) with things such as Beauty, Happiness. Peace of mind..

I think the story of the magical flute and the finding of one's own song can also be extended to the concept of recovery. All the treatment in the world won't do any good if you can't find that something on the inside that makes you want to be well. The ability to tap into the power to change behaviors and recover and to see it as a possibility might be very much aided by treatment, but the power itself is within.

Much like Red's song is within her. By discovering her song, she's discovered a part of her.

be gentle with yourself for your song needs to be sung... and no one else can sing it

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