Saturday, September 10, 2011

flowing with the river of life

Image Credit: Wide Eyed Illuminations aka my Brother-in-Law

Water flowing down a river bank will encounter obstacles. Round stones. Islands. Divisions. Cliffs. But it keeps flowing. It goes around the islands and can flatten down the round stones after many years. 

There are many analogies that compare life to various things. There's only one that I think holds great merit: the one comparing life to a river. 

I'm too old to know everything. Far past the years of my youth where I believed I knew everything there was to know about this thing called life. What I have learned though is that some of the better times in my life are the ones where I just went with the flow. Where I knew which obstacles were best to avoid (the islands) and which to continue fighting (the stones). Where I didn't fight my heart. Didn't try to turn around. Where I just allowed my life to unfold. 

Life is a beautiful thing if you don't try to over think it, but rather just live it. If you live in the moment. Enjoying the happiness instead of thinking about when it will end. Accepting the sadness knowing you won't be sad forever - knowing it will make the happiness seem that much sweeter when it comes (and it will come). Speaking up for yourself when you feel it's of merit and accepting things that won't change no matter how much energy you emit trying to make it.

Understanding that life may be bumpy and rough at times, but that later on it will be smooth and calm - much like a river.

I am trying to just flow with this river of life. I went to DBT Wednesday night and it didn't take me a glass of wine to garner up the courage to. I haven't touched laxatives since this past weekend and have been filling out the diary cards Laura emailed me on Wednesday. By doing these things, not fighting it, and getting back to this way of doing things... I have a feeling I'm going to start enjoying the ride again (puppy in tow)

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  1. You are an incredible woman for having this insight.


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