Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hang On To Every Reason.....

And Never Let Go…

First and foremost, only you can choose to recover. It doesn’t matter how much others want you to or even beg you to, until you decided to do it for you, it just wont happen.

That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong in having ‘reasons to recover’ other than the obvious ones.

Some day’s I find it really helps to remind myself of these reasons and hang onto them with all my might.

Especially on day’s where I may be struggling somewhat or feeling a little overwhelmed.

Yesterday, for example, seeing my Nanna looking so frail yet still strong and full of love for me gave me the push I needed to eat my afternoon snack.

Later that same day, a simple text from my Mum helped to ease the slight panic I was feeling. It gave me a shove in the right direction (dinner) which in turn gave me the energy I needed to go out singing last night.

When I arrived for my group, there was a ‘Zumba’ class on. It looked like so much fun; exciting and uplifting; the women (and one guy) all looked radiant and full of health.

It reminded me how much I want to not only feel but exude that radiance too. 

All the more reason and motivation to keep pushing forward and getting stronger!

After a fab and invigorating evening of singing, I arrived home quite late. Even though my head was telling me it was far to late to eat a snack, I knew better.

I sat there with it, writing this piece in fact.

After finishing, I realised I was still hungry but was going to go to bed. Then I stopped. How could I possibly write a piece on reasons to recover when I am about to go to bed hungry?

 I am so glad I caught myself.

So you, where my reasons right then J

Whatever your reasons, whomever inspires you or those things that motivate you, Hang on to them and never let go.

And remember- you are doing this for you but the little things all count too.

With Much Love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx

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  1. Yay for not going to bed hungry!...no matter what the clock says! One of my big motivations to recover is that my husband needs me, and I can't walk with him through life if I'm sick. I know what you mean though...I should value myself enough to be my own motivation, but I'm just not there yet.

    Another motivation of mine, which might be kind of weird, is New York City. I want to live there someday, and I know I will only be able to truly live in the moment if I am healthy!



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