Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat...

Looking After Those Little Feet :)

Walking along earlier this evening, the streets were filled with children laughing, screaming and generally ‘ghouling around’

It was of course Halloween and they were out and about ‘trick or treating’… An evening where it’s almost a race to collect more sweets than your friends and then eat as many as you can! (Whilst terrifying the neighbours in the process!)

It was actually wonderful to watch and brought back many happy memories to when I was young and my brother and I would take to the streets once a year. We would dress up in scary outfits and set off for an evening of spooky fun and fortune.

And I guess it just got me thinking about the days when I was ‘young and innocent’ (nearly!) and I didn’t care less about body image, calories or 'eating too much'.

I was more focused on having fun and enjoying life!

To busy being me to care!

And it also made me think about children in general and how protective I feel over them. I look at them sometimes and pray that they will never fall victim to any kind of eating disorder.

That the excitement I see in their eyes when presented with sweet treats stays and is never replaced with fear.

And from these random thoughts came another; that we sometimes have to treat ourselves as though we are still children. Or think of how we would nurture our own children when struggling to look after ourselves.

Would you ever deprive a child? Starve them? Abuse their bodies? Punish them for eating too much? Belittle them for their size? Take away their enjoyment when it came to food? Jeopardise their health?

I know I would certainly do none of the above so why would I do so to myself?

Paints a different perspective on it, doesn’t it?

So, look after yourself and give yourself as much care and attention as you would a child.

Enjoy yourself; nurture your mind and body.

Have fun!!

With Much Love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx

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