Friday, September 2, 2011

Gratitude above the clouds

This time last week I was 3.5 hours north of where I live, up in a town called Ohakune at the base of Mt Ruapehu and the Tongariro National Park. Under beautiful clear blue skys I learned to ski for the first time. Wow what a rush! I fell down plenty, but I also had a lot of fun and hubby let me know that I did great for a first timer. It was certainly hard on the body and the joints but I guess that comes with being 30 and trying to ski for the first time!

I am so grateful that I have my strength back, my strong leg muscles and stamina to be able to do something to physically demanding

I am so grateful that I have my strong body that keeps warm enough in the conditions - last time I went up the mountain I froze - not surprising since I wasn't eating...

I am so grateful to have the cognition to be completely aware of the beauty that surrounded me and be completely present and in awe of mother nature

I am so grateful to have a good memory so that I will not forget how amazing it felt to be above the clouds

I am so grateful for my health.

xoxo Serra


  1. I've never skied before! How exciting... Isn't it amazing how grateful you can feel just being in nature?

    Glad to hear you had a lovely time doll!

  2. what an amazing time! I am so glad you enjoyed it :)


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