Thursday, August 11, 2011

Success, Self-Love and Self-Worth

 I've been thinking about success in terms of self-care--how sometimes we short-circuit our own ability to succeed by requiring too much at once of ourselves. I think this may tie into Kat's post yesterday about self-worth and how sometimes self-care can be hard when our self-worth feels challenged (especially by external events or other people).

You know that feeling you get when you're really proud of something you've accomplished and want to share it with the world (or just anyone you know who will listen)? I feel like that right now. It's hard, in the wake of a success, to just sit back and enjoy some of the afterglow. I think many of the reasons we chase success in various ways leads us to want to get right back up and succeed, succeed, succeed to keep proving ourselves to us and to others. 

The person who is driven unreasonably might say that if they don't keep going, keep succeeding, they will utterly fail--and this is not the truth. After any success, we've earned a respite, a period of relaxation, even if that period may be short due to other obligations and responsibilities in life. This means that, yes, you should let yourself feel good, be lazy, and lounge around for a night, a day, an afternoon, and bask in the good you're able to do in the world for yourself or for others.

And that is exactly what I'm doing right now. Even though I would like to rush into things for next semester's classes which don't start for a few weeks, I know that if I take some days for recooperation and rest, I'll better be able to work this semester on research and my classes.

So whatever it is you are pursuing, remember to take breaks, reward yourself, and let yourself work at the pace you need to (within reason). It will help you be much more productive, and perhaps help you understand that you do not need to be a constant success to be worthy of self-love and love from others.

Sending lots of love your way--
(because let's face it, somewhere in that amazing mind of yours, you really know you're wonderful)


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  1. you deserve a rest and time to enjoy your successes. I think that's something crucial that's lost when you hop from project to project. You don't get that warmth the flows over your body when you give yourself time to process and think, "I did it."


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