Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sometimes i feel like i know a different god than everyone else...

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This is not the post I pre-wrote on Sunday for today, but it's the post that's in my head and heart right now.

I usually do not bring up my religious views on this blog in my (semi)weekly posts. However, yesterday I was browsing the Facebook page for the park across the street from me and came across a most unsettling comment regarding the recent PrideFest that's annually held within the luscious tree filled grounds

Oh dear God what is this world coming to? [insert park name here]?
Gay Fest?? Have mercy on our souls.

This comment left me thinking a lot about the God I feel I know. The God I've gleaned from the Bible, from life experiences, from prayer, and from my heart... and it makes me truly wonder if I know a different God than everyone else.

The God I know does not discriminate and the Bible I've read features tolerance as one of the bigger themes. Tolerance... and love. Seeing beauty in everyone. It is these big themes that I think are important to focus on.

The God she's referring to in her comment I am certain is the same one that is part of the divine trinity that includes Jesus. Yet, he seems so different in her context than the one I've come to know and believe in. The Bible outlines sins, yes. But it's not those things that I think people should get hung up on... rather that big picture of tolerance and love that I mentioned earlier. I sin... and a lot more than Jesus (who was free from it) did... so why shouldn't I be at least as tolerant and loving of others as Jesus?

Biblically, Jesus was incredibly tolerant.  When Jesus was on Earth he befriended everyone. He was kind to beggars and drunkards. He showed compassion to Mary Magdalene, an alleged prostitute (I say alleged as there is nothing in the Bible that concretely says she WAS one). He saw beauty within the person. Even within Judas who offered him up for crucifixion.

The Jesus I've read about drank wine and cared deeply about others. He may not have agreed with others' choices, but he would still help them without belittling them. He didn't judge. He informed lightly of his own views and allowed his actions to become the loudest part of his message.  It was his actions that had the biggest impact. His actions that were full of beauty... that showed that he persisted in love. Unconditional love.

This may be a different God than everyone else seems to know, but I'm glad he's the God that I know... I much prefer him to the God referenced in the comment highlighted above.

P.S. by the time this is read it will be a day after the birthday of a fellow blogger... happy belated 21st Ashley (aka Thursday) !!!  Happy Belated Birthday Lovely Lady!


  1. The person who you quoted saying that needs to meet Jesus ... its sad to read stuff like that. Before we look at others sin and judge one better make sure they are free from sin (which is impossible...)

    THanks for this post.

  2. I love the post Kat. Very well written and well said.

  3. This is a touchy subject. Yes, God and the Bible give a message of love and tolerance. That being said, gay pride is above and beyond tolerance. Equality is one thing, a large and loud party/parade is another.

    I believe that everyone is welcomed to God's arms (though not always by his family) but that doesn't mean everyone has to endorse behaviours they feel infringe on their beliefs. Again, equality and tolerance is great, but forcing a person to publicly promote or endorse homosexuality goes too far for me.

  4. @Dani -- The woman was not asked to promote it or endorse homosexuality. She could have just said nothing and refrained from attending the parade or being in the park during that time frame. I chose to go out of town due to the parking havoc caused by it every year.

  5. @Dani - had that been the case though... I think I would agree as all groups should be tolerant of each other... and that tolerance extends itself into not forcing someone to do something they don't agree with.


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