Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i have flaws

I just got tv. For the first time since maybe 2007, I have a TV AND cable... Pair that with the fact that I'm down to one job and it means I'm watching some guilty pleasures such as Toddlers and Tiaras. The current episode that's streaming via AT&T Uverse features a girl whose mother has no expectations for her telling her she looks like a giraffe. When filling out her information form her father jokes about putting "making some guys' life miserable" under the "future aspirations" section.


They segued into an interview with the girl herself and she said something akin to, "I'm not perfect... but I promise I do try to be. I'm just not there yet. Sometimes I am though."

She looked sad and eager at the same time...and it broke my heart watching it.

I think a lot of people would say I'm fairly successful... but I have news for you. I have flaws and it's okay.

I'm not ashamed I have flaws. I'm not perfect and you know what? It makes life more interesting. To prove that there's no shame in flaws, I'm going to let you in on some secrets of mine...

I have still not unpacked a few boxes as I procrastinate a lot on things that don't seem too important to me.

I usually (read: near always) miss a patch when I shave my legs

Sometimes I forget to take a towel into the bathroom when going in for a shower...

More often than I'd like I don't get maximum points on tests or projects

Sometimes I forget things - my checkbook, my wallet, my cell phone especially, sometimes school assignments

Sometimes I get dates mixed up

Sometimes I watch shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and movies like Fried Green Tomatoes

sometimes I forget to shave my armpits and realize when I stretch while wearing something sleeveless

I eat dessert more often than you'd think and I'm completely okay with that fact

I oftentimes will leave half full bottles of water around my house

I have a true fear of wearing pants related to body image issues that I'm working on

I eat possibly too much pumpkin in the fall... or rather it composes a possibly too highly percentage of my daily intake

I'm not good at returning phone calls or answering my phone

But you know what? All of these flaws. All of these quirks. They are what make me a whole person. They are what make me me. They don't define me, but they are a part of me. Part of this person that I'm growing to love.

this person that adopts cute little doggies that have bunny ears (one of which is flipped over in this picture):

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  1. Not so much flaws as......part of our DNA. What we have deemed as a "flaw" to others may be a success. Also, there is nothing wrong with not being right/perfect all the time.


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