Saturday, July 30, 2011

no one received a Nobel Prize for being a 00

 So... I usually write these posts on Friday, but I don't really feel like it this Friday. Something happened and I just need to focus and I think my time tonight might be better spent running and doing some pilates (or hula hooping ;) )

So... I'm taking a break to maybe sort some things out... As for today's post, it comes from the vaults of my mind, it was never published on here... ( circa February 2011, so not too far back into the vault, eh...  ), yet still applicable. Just so I don't feel entirely lazy.. I'm also providing you with a picture that resonates with me at the moment... one that I have saved on pinterest... I'm going to try to focus on the importance of that last line. that last line is key.

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So the other day in my social psych class we were discussing self control... I say other day quite loosely (I think it was about two weeks ago...). It was brought up how the brain consumes a lot of energy with each task it performs (including fighting off urges, etc)

This intrigued me for a couple of reasons... First this adds to my belief that I've held for years that calorie counting is bogus. Your body doesn't operate on numbers. Truly. I doubt stomach fills up based on calorie content... I doubt my brain judges if its received enough energy based on a number on a label.

I think there are some reasons that people feel that it works and is worthy though... Misconstrued reasons. First in our society a lot of things CAN be calculated. Physics, chemistry... a lot of science tell us that we can control and manipulate things based upon the numbers. Secondly, counting calories (or restriction in general) instead of listening to one's body can really screw up a person's ability to intuitively eat.

THAT is what our body operates on.. intuitive eating. It will let you know when it's received the energy it needs by sending off signals of fullness - or signals of hunger when it needs more energy. Calories ARE energy... Messing this up means we're not receiving these cues. We, as a result, won't be able to reap the benefits of the food... resulting in more hunger and decreased brain function...

not only has no one received a Nobel Prize for being a 00, it's unlikely if that size was achieved through calorie restriction that they would receive one in general.

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  1. Such a great point you discuss. Messing with your body to do unnatural things messes it up for a long time!

    Get Up & Go


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