Friday, July 29, 2011

August Firsts

Hey again lovely readers! It is winter here, I have my fire place working for the first time this week. We had the coldest day here since 1940 on Monday, and it snowed in my city for the first time in 15 years. I was so excited to see the snow, I stopped so many times on my way to work to snap photos and consequently was a little late, but that is ok, they understand.

This is also my first winter in some time... this time last year I was honeymooning in England and Europe. I am living outside of Wellington for the first time, I intentionally have pink hair for the first time, I have my first real social work job as a graduate, and the list goes on. There are many firsts and extremes and it is all so exciting right now.

So what will be my first for August? I plan to take lunch to work each day. Such a normal thing right? I don't know why it is still something I struggle with when I eat at home with my husband and out with friends. I just have not ever been able to bring myself to eat lunch at work... I will drink up and go on breaks and at lunch, but with the best of intentions thus far actual food has been a no go. So I need to better those intentions and I have started with getting myself a plastic box to carry a sandwich in. That is how I will start, with a sandwich to go with my up and go snacks and some fruit which is always on offer at work. I don't have any problems with sandwichs anywhere else so that is how I will start off on Monday August 1.

One small step for mankind, that perhaps will make me feel less awkward around my workmates at lunch time and break down another recovery barrier.

What are your new small steps or goals for this second half of 2011?

Winter weather

xoxo Serra & Stellar


  1. That is an excellent plan. So simple and might work for me.

  2. I could go for some of that cold weather! Enjoy it :)

    You can do lunch at work! I know you can :)

    Have a wonderful Saturday!



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