Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four Revolutionary Ideas

I was watching the show Bones yesterday. I haven't been feeling well (thank you Anthro for not making me go in.. though I will be seeing a lot of you today) and have been making my way through Season 3.

In one episode a character who had been a radical in her youth had written a letter to her daughter. She intended to turn herself into the police for acts she'd committed many years prior.

In her letter were a lot of remarkably poignant words (for a tv show) including the phrase, "understanding, kindness, compassion, and love are the only true revolutionary ideas"

These four fundamental ideas truly are revolutionary. I think the most when they are first extended to ourselves. The change has to start within you. Therein the revolution - your revolution or your place in a bigger one - begins within you and with those four ideas.

If we can learn to understand ourselves better we can learn to understand others better.

If we can learn to be kind to ourselves we will learn how much kindness can mean to others

If we show ourselves compassion, we perchance will know how integral it is for everyone.

If we give ourselves love we will better the concept of it. What it truly means and be able to fully love someone.

When we start to exercise all of these things that power to change becomes more than just a possibility, it becomes a highly probable outcome. 

How can you show yourself those four ideas today?

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful lesson. But sometimes the only way you can teach those things to yourself is by first showing them to others.


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