Friday, June 3, 2011

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

So many of us have trauma in our lives, in our pasts that make it hard to cope with the present. So many of us turned to our disordered behaviours to manage our past, whether we were aware we were doing it or not.

Photography has for a long time been helping me rediscover, or perhaps discover for the first real time, the beauty of the world. Regardless of our pain and suffering, there is still beauty all around us in nature.

For me my trauma began as a teenager, in a rural place half way in between where I now live and where I now work, and where for the first time I am having to drive past twice a day, three days a week. Since that night when i was barely 17 I have avoided this place because of the memories which were dark and grim. Now I take my time when I drive through the area to take in the sights because it truly is spectacular. I had no idea all these years what I was missing, because I had let my fear and anger stop me from looking closer.

xoxo Serra


  1. That's a lovely idea, I like it. Beautiful pictures too x

  2. weird where did the photos go??

  3. I don't know -- I had assumed you'd removed them for personal reasons, but wasn't sure -- I love the first and last one!

  4. weird, i didnt remove them, thought maybe you had but couldnt think why you would lol so figured it must have been a glitch and put them back :) thanks!


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