Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recovery Literally Is.....

Walking On Fire

Okay now that may read a little over the top to you but let me explain a bit more :)

Last Friday I took part in a 'Firewalk' raising money for a local children's charity.  We were given  two hours of training before hand and the walk itself only lasted seconds but I have to say, I haven't felt so alive, energised and ecstatically happy in such a long, long time! 

My Family and friends (one of whom had surprised me and come all the way from London) were there to watch it, and I found out afterwards it actually brought a tear to their eyes seeing me too. 

Go back even a few months and there's no way I would have had the energy to have been able to do that and my mind would not have been focused enough either. 

Now, not that I can do firewalks everyday but, it's moments like those that I reaslise exactly why I am recovering. 

Feeling strength in my body, blood pumping through my veins, my eyes sparkling. Laughing with others and dancing barefooted in the dark. Seeing my family so happy and proud made my heart swell and my spirits soar.

Raising money to help the lives of children who are unable to do so themselves.

Having the choice and the energy to do all that!

On the Saturday, I went up to London to Support the first ever B-eat Parade. The turnout was small but I was so, so proud of the young women who had organised it and the others for getting out there, raising awareness and putting a voice to eating disorders- Breaking the silence!! 

Sunday was a glorious day and a friend of mine came over with her dogs. We took them to the beach, she treated us to lunch and the we went for a lovely long walk in the glorious sunshine... 

All in all, an absolutely fantastic weekend!

Today I am full of cold :( But with it, (you can always find an upside!) hope and belief in myself, in others and all that's still to come with recovery.

Instead of pushing myself like I'm known to, I am writing this in bed :) And instead of not eating much with the excuse of feeling ill/not going out, I will eat all I need to in order to fuel my body, nourish it and get better plus more if necessary (or just plain want!)


Because I can walk on Fire, I can do anything and;

 I choose Life!! 

And So Can You!


I've included a wee video of my walk just incase you wanted a peak :) 

With Much Love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx

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