Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coming Into Your Body...

And Becoming A Woman Again

An eating disorder takes so much from you, from your life. 

It engulfs your body, mind and spirit.

 It strips you bare and leaves you vulnerable and numb. 

It takes away your womanhood and leaves you in a childlike state,
 physically and mentally.

What comes with recovery and with becoming well again is your chance to reclaim your body. 

To  embrace it and all the wonderful lumps, bumps and curves that come with it.
(Yes, you read right! ;)

But what comes with the wonders of womanhood is also the pain.  It’s not an easy process and it can be very difficult and scary.

For so long, your eating disorder has made you feel unworthy, uncomfortable in your own skin, undeserving of enjoying your body.

But it is your body. 

It is the one you entered this world in and the one you will leave behind.
 It is pure energy, your vehicle.

And not only does it need nourishment but love, care and pleasure too.

Your body is nothing to be feared. 
It is not your enemy. 

Being a woman is such an amazing and powerful thing, the female form one of such beauty.

Why continue to punish it?

Possibly easier said than done, I know, but not impossible.

Find your strength, lean on your support and come into your body again.

Be proud of who you are!

With much Love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx


PS: Guys, this comes from a female perspective but all the above applies to you too. You are a strong and beautiful man! :)

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