Tuesday, November 8, 2011

// Announcement by Kat//

So due to personal reasons, I'm going to be putting Recovering Inspirings on hold for awhile. A couple of people, may still blog here and there, but you won't see any postings by me and the postings won't be in the same frequency as they have been. I don't know if I'll change my mind or not... but as of the moment this feels like the right decision

If you're curious as to why feel free to email me, but I don't really want to discuss it on here.

~ Kat


  1. It's probably not exactly what you're thinking Mary -- so I'm not sure if it's "snap worthy" -- it's more about separation (to be vague)

  2. (hugs) Kat for whatever it is. And I'm glad that you are listening to what you need. You come first! I don't want to pry but if you need a listening ear, you have my e-mail (and all my love)!


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