Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good morning, all. Just a little reminder for you...

You do not have to get the best grade to be excellent.
You do not have to eat the least to be interesting.
You do not have to run the farthest away to be the strongest.
You do not have to know everything to have a mind.  
You do not have to cry the least to be the happiest.
You do not have to give the most to be the most kind.
You do not have to be the thinnest to be the most important.

In fact,

You'll fail a few times before you know what success means,
eat too much and be too loud,
get stuck in a place and then come to love it,
Cry through joy and pain and still be proud.
You'll have questions that make you look stupid, 
though they be the most important ones to ask.
You'll grow so much in leaps and bounds
and none of those old clothes will last.
You'll have nothing to give those you love,
though you'll give it with all of your heart.
You'll remember the times you hated yourself
with bewildered shock and a bit of a start.

All of things you think you have to do
are a wee bit fanciful and made up in your mind.
The only things you have to do are 
be human
be gentle
be kind

Out in the wide world so welcoming
if only you are willing to go
So freely and lightly it waits
for you to become acquainted with all

Do not take this choice lightly,
to live or to abdicate your choice
for all of this is but a fleeting moment
spread out before you to enjoy

If you need to remember this sometime,
wake up with the early bird's call.
Go out into the misty morning,
and observe the sun without fail.
Rising each morning to greet you,
A love note from the universe
nudging you to take sail.


  1. oh wow i love this truly. beautiful

  2. I love this. It is amazing :] Thank you so much for sharing!



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