Saturday, May 28, 2011

ten favorites of mine

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Somehow with the excitement of my Chicago adventure I forgot to get a Saturday guest blogger... whoops! But you know what, it's okay. Yes, I'm in a fabulous mood after my time off. I felt so connected in Chicago (especially during the most enjoyable run that I've had in ages), I sometimes forget just how disconnected you can become when you don't give yourself time for yourself - if anything the past three days cemented to me the importance of that. I feel rejuvenated and really good right now.

Anyways. For this Saturday I bring to you my top ten favorite blog posts, articles, etc from here and around the web (in no particular order!)

1) Where BMI Goes Wrong - Lessons from Cupid - Fascinating look at BMI from Drop it and Eat it

2) Appreciating Your Body  - from Actively Arielle

3) The Last to Go  - "Often these things hold on until the very end of a recovery, sometimes only arising to the surface of awareness when a trusted friend points them out or you experience an “aha!” moment." -- from Nourishing the Soul

4) I deserve better from myself - From our own Dani

5) Every Body Has a Story - my favorite personal post

6) Women Eating Cake site and the topic-related  Why You Should Really Eat Dessert from NTS

7) Full Recovery? -- I love the discussion that our own Serra stirred up (if you read this, also read the comments!)

8) Back to the Arms that Held Me - one of the most touching blog posts I've ever read from Charlotte over at the Great Fitness Experiment

9) When It's Time to Let Go of The Skinny Jeans  - "Yes, I have damage, flaws, and imperfections, but I am whole." from the site/blog "Back in Skinny Jeans"

10) A Self-Love Letter { Challenge } - Yes, this was for April, but I still think this was a fabulous challenge and still would urge people to try this one out -- thank you Kendra from Voice in Recovery for this! Truly!!

what sites, blogs, articles out there do you love?

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  1. Ooh I'm so flattered you included me on your list! That's one of my fave posts too:) Thank you!!


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