Sunday, May 15, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled Sunday musical suggestions ... :)

"Everything in nature depends on everything else. So it's interconnected." - Alan Watts

...I just want everyone with eating disorders to 'look out of their eyes' and view themselves.

Other than that ... just two poems for you, from a couple of different points over the last few years.
The first has been rattling around in my head. I kind of want to say.. I'm really.. happy ....that I used it as a building block and built something with it.
That's a... precious feeling.
I wrote it and it meant something to me then, and now it means something different. Well, it means the same things but it now also holds a place in time in my life. A building block or a cobblestone.

and ...

this one, has also been rattling around in my head:

i tell you
if i could lift your eyelids long enough for you to wish to love your own eyes
the way i do...
i'd use my words as wedges.

i squiggle what i hear and i pickpocket conversations with audacious fingers
like the farmers at the market
i hoe rows
and the turned ground grows
little beads of water
for those who thirst.
you can see your reflection inside.
what ground!
what roots!
what seeds.

the world
[no added sugar]
is all that i've ever written.
there is nothing harder to forgive than
mirrors disguised as original works of art
all they show is you.

there is nothing to believe in
but the beauty which you live.
i wish that i could show you what lenses see
the kind that are blinking the way they are supposed to be.

all of the nothing that never was
could never stifle what is
beneath that heavy shroud
dust cloud
prison of your
simply unquenchable, unquashable self.

so there's no sense trying to add
more nothing.
the liar.
slothful nothing.
it's not very good at
amounting to much.

psst, hey there.
i see you.
you're so beautiful.

i want to draw you like my fingers want to play the image
of the proud trees,
the restless woods
that lives in my mind.
i want to capture you like the shadows on the brick wall when the sun
manages to work its way
down the narrow space between that person's home and
my home.

let's share a home together
in a universe so beautiful
[isn't it though?]
it made a you.


that's it for me this week. [there's a theme in there, somewhere.]
With so much love,


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