Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scales into Art

I'm backdating this one, because I didn't post it yesterday --- had the weirdest drive home from my parents. Truly. Involving flat tires and a small amount of damage considering I was cruising on Interstate 70. I wound up missing my therapy appointment, which I still feel badly about - I hate standing people up... and then sometime between calling my mother and the tow-truck getting there my cell phone died... but I am still just grateful - it could've been a lot lot worse and should have been

In case you haven't noticed, I'll be doing be taking over Ashley's Thursdays for awhile with guest posters here and there --- school is coming to a close for her meaning lots of changes. I wish her well and will welcome her back whenever she's ready =)


My friend Karen just posted pictures from the fashion show for ETR where we were raising funds for scholarships for eating disorder treatment.

In any event, Cathy from SLBMI brought the traveling scale exhibit with her that was inspired by a conversation we had about turning scales into art --- so she thought it was appropriate - especially since my scale was used in all the advertising.

Without further ado I bring to you "Scales are for Fish" (click images to enlarge)

I know most people think to bash scales. But I truly think they can be functional - as artwork... They provide a fairly nice background and I think there's something interesting about turning something that can elicit disdain into something that elicits a smile

One more, this one is one I made that I turned into a mosaic - my first mosaic ever... not the best Starry Night, but considering it was my first and I used dishware... I rather like it.

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  1. Decorating your scale - what a neat idea! I want to give that a try but am not sure I'm creative enough :)


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