Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter and Living

Hello! How was easter? I ate lots of chocolate and I loved it. I had white chocolate scorched almonds (are they a Kiwi thing?) and a marshmellow egg, and some Guylian easter shaped chocolates. YUM!!!. Hubby and I were staying at a flash beach house up the line an hour or so at Waikanae Beach. The coastline here is so beautiful, we had a lovely time. My mum came and had easter lunch with me on the balcony overlooking the ocean before we went for a beach walk. We had homemade (by her) pita bread pockets stuffed with salad and cheese and potato salad. YUM.

Wow so much of that last paragraph would have scared the bejeebers out of me not so many months or years ago. How freeing it feels to not have to be that frightened any more and to be able to enjoy holidays like other people do... like my husband does, like my mum does...

This is where we stayed

xoxo Serra


  1. wow those views are fabulous!!! I'm glad you had a good time :) And OMG your eats at easter make me want to go and grab the untouched chocolate i have atm and eat it lol. It's so inspiring to read how well you're doing ^_^ Well done!

  2. how beautiful!!! I KNOW you must have really enjoyed it :)



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