Sunday, March 20, 2011

[Guest Post] Incasing Yourself With Walls

I think anyone who does any research on eating disorders, or anyone who suffers from an eating disorder, or anyone who has seen someone suffer from an eating disorder can agree with one thing: they are the diverse and complicated.
Recovering can be incredibly hard because it is a long journey, and you have to keep getting up if you get knocked down.
But there is something that I have found seems to remain consistent throughout eating disorders: we build walls. We seclude ourselves and become encompassed in our eating disorder. One of the first things you have to do in your recovery is to start tearing down those walls.
Going into seclusion when things get difficult, shutting people out, running away from relationships, not talking to people, etc are all ways we build walls. Building walls is letting the eating disorder win.
We must learn how to break down these walls and live our lives by our hopes and dreams instead by our fears and our security blanket: because let's face it for a lot of us that is exactly what the eating disorder is, a safety blanket.
Keeping these walls-or building more of them and making them higher-only hurts you in the end.
It is hard to learn to trust people, even harder to really let them in, but it is a part of the recovery just like anything else, and it is just as important as say eating the correct nutrients everyday.
Eating disorders are so diverse and so hard to fully grasp, that trying to overcome it all in one swoop can be all together overwhelming. Take it step by step, don't be afraid of slipping, and don't be afraid to reach out to people: must to your surprise, the world doesn't hate you.

Live your life, because you are worth it.
Love and be loved.
Happiness is attainable.
Keep biting back :)


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