Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Photos

Today the weather is so grim and we are still in a national state of emergency and so i decided to share so bright colours to show the beauty of the world around us. there is so much more to life than eating disorders, so get out there and admire. seriously sometimes the beauty i see around me is almost too much, and then i remember to relax and take in what i can, and photograph it to make sure i never forget it. nature is true beauty

Kapiti Island, Paraparaumu

Island Bay, Wellington

Monkey Bay, Marlborough Sounds

Mt Taranaki

Paritutu Beach, New Plymouth

Monkey Bay, Marlborough Sounds

xoxo serra


  1. Beautiful pictures, Serra :)

  2. Serra, you're pictures are stunning! You are such a talented lady! :o) x


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