Thursday, March 24, 2011

a few questions for you!

Okay, Ashley has a lot on her plate on this glorious Thursday, so you have me again - sorry ;)

Anyways, I'm rather glad, because I'm selfish and have a few questions for you.

Recently someone I know was told that they looked unwell... now that may sound like a typical thing, but they honestly had no idea why (to be honest, I wasn't sure why it was said either) - so I pose to you my first question:

What does HEALTH look like? What does it resemble?

I feel fairly confident that most people want to be in good health, but can you see that?

There are a lot of illnesses out there (eating disorders included) where people can not look "sick" but still be suffering inside - and their body ravaged... so again I ask... what does health look like?

My second question is posed for selfish reasons due to a project I have in the works that I've eluded to and people seem to have also fallen in love with it - a photographer has already been secured to help  --- a project inspired by Dr. Ashley Solomon over at Nourishing the Soul, specifically this post of her's

(please note that though I reference being inspired by her post, no affiliation is implied!)


I want to create a photography exhibit and try to see if I can get Mad Art Gallery to display it (they're still taking project proposals for 2011 and they favor new artists that haven't displayed there in the past 2 years) .

The exhibit would be called "I eat dessert daily: and other secrets of women that love their bodies"

There will be 4 main parts chronicling the women chosen --- they will be clustered by woman, except for the last part:

Part One:

B/W gritty images of each woman eating her favorite dessert

Part Two:

Each woman wearing a white dress in an urban background holding a sign saying, "I love my _____" with the _____ being a body part

Part Three:

A visual illustration of why they love their body (or that body part) - with a handwriting sample of the explanation superimposed onto the photograph --- this could be a photo of them bicycling... doing yoga... chasing their children... etc.

Part Four:

Each woman holding out a card with a secret on it towards the camera - the foreground (the secret) in focus, the background blurred out

So I post to you the last questions (I know, I said question... I lied!)
a) What part of your body do you most love?
b) thoughts of the project.

I think even if that Art Gallery did not accept the submission, I could find some other avenue to use the materials generated.


  1. i think 'health' cant really be identified... i guess someone who is quite clearly calm, happy, content. a glowing skin, doesnt look tired... i dont know!!!

    your art idea sounds wicked!!! would be lovely to see some positive art!!!

    i think i like my eyes best! x

  2. I LOVE the idea for the art project, let me know if you need bodies to be involved!


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