Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and Fighting Urges

So, last night was odd. I found out (good news!) that I don't have to be at work until an hour later than planned today (I do have to stay an hour later though... but, meh) - I'll still miss the Pumpkin 5k I wanted to run but that's life.

I found myself at the store late last night to go get dog food. I thought I had another bag of it, but realized I didn't and thought it better to go then than early this morning... better meaning I didn't want to bear the consequences I was sure my lovely Moscato would bestow upon me in the form of pouncing and whimpering.

So I was there... I got a pumpkin to carve, got the dog food, got pumpkin carving tools, and then I went to go get some milk and strolled by the aisle where the sign for something I need not ever buy is visible to anyone passing by. Despite having a very serious discussion with Laura about this exact item earlier that day... after mulling it over and staring at them for quite  some time they found their way into my basket.

I went home and stared at that box... but then I saw the pumpkin sitting right next to them and decided to carve the pumpkin instead. To ensure I would bide enough time that the urge to take them would pass I decided to carve Starry Night.

by nearly 2am this morning I still wasn't done... went to bed... got up and finished it (well, there's still a little bit of work to do) - the pics aren't the greatest since my living room has three fairly large windows and it's 11am.. so the sun is out.

but, I'm hoping it looks sort of like Starry Night... I feel like it does.

No stencil (I don't even think I could find one for Starry Night if I wanted to, since it's such an intricate painting), just freehand sketching... and freehand carving.

In any event the pumpkin carving served it's purpose well and I think it looks rather cool


  1. this is absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Glad you like it Scott!

    I still have to shave a bit down (so that it will glow properly), but I'm sort of in love with it -- I think I want to do a series (hahaha - too much time on my hands?) of art work ones.. maybe the Mona Lisa next?

  3. That is AWESOME, and I'm very glad it served it's purpose well.

  4. That is a wonderfully extravagant pumpkin... more beautiful than a 5K medal! You make me want to buy a pumpkin and carve it now!!


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