Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Live Each Day; Take A Chance

Who Knows Where It May Lead?

A long time a go, I used to love to perform. As a young girl I would dance around, put on shows and sing to my hearts content.

It wouldn’t be strange (okay, maybe only to my family!) to find me making cakes in the bath, wearing skirts on my head and just generally fooling around.

I was a lively child, full of cheekiness and energy.

I was full of life and bursting with love.

I had no fear and nothing seemed to phase me.

I would try anything once and do it again and again if it made me happy

(Even if it drove others mad!)

I would surround myself with things of beauty, people I loved and laugh at the smallest things.

I had dreams and wasn’t afraid of how absurd they seemed or what others may think.


And then one day, I grew up and lost sight of my life and myself.

I allowed the negativity to cast a dark shadow on all the light in the world and listened to the cruelty rather than my heart.

I started believing the lies, ignoring the truth and became blind to my once magnificent self.

And somewhere, a little further down the road, a terrible illness tried with all its might to take my life and all I stood for.

But thankfully, it didn’t take everything. That little girl was still very much alive inside me; she just got slightly lost and afraid.


And then one day, still growing, I regained my vision and began finding myself again.

I opened my eyes and realised that sometimes you really do have to live each day to the fullest. For as morbid as it may seem, you just never know when it will be your last.


This weekend past, I was singing from my heart, empowering my soul and dancing with rhythm and energy!

Just today I was accepted on a course that could just change my life, (in more ways than one) and enrolled on another that will bring me happiness and get my creative juices flowing.


You are never too young or too old to rediscover that child within yourself.

Be Cheeky, be bold and dream big.

Dance as if nobody is watching and laugh until you cry.

When tears of sadness come, let them flow.

Allow yourself to do things in life that make you truly happy. Don’t allow others to convince you it’s silly if it feels right to you.

Be strong and let others in.

Feel the love in your heart and if you feel it for another, let them know too.

Take a chance every once in a while; who knows where it may lead?

That child within you will whisper to you, you just have to listen carefully. But once you start, don’t stop.

Your magnificent self never left you either.


And last but not least, have fun!

Life really is too short.

And precious.


With Much love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx


  1. This is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for posting this ;)

  2. your posts always make my days a bit brighter <3 You speak such inspirational words and give me so much strength :)

    Hope you are having a great week!



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