Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Choose To Live

When words seem to escape you and you feel like it’s all going wrong,

Hold you head high, reach out and remember that you are strong.

When life at times seems too difficult and the journey just oh too much,

Take a deep breath, be still and take comfort in another’s touch.

When your heart is feeling heavy and you cannot see a way out,

Think back to a happier time and realise that’s what life’s really about.

When you feel like giving up and that you are truly alone,

Get out your pen, let your voice be heard, just simply pick up the phone.

When you sense nothing is going right and surely nobody seems to care,

Think 'role reversal' and how good it feels when another opens their heart to share.

When you start to belittle yourself and let that voice tell you those lies,

Hear the echoes of those who love you in your heart and never cut those ties.

When you don’t feel safe, your day’s dark and night’s disrupted,

Stay calm, you are protected; realise this is all just a phase, patterns can be interrupted.

When it seems like the wall’s are closing in and you feel as though you’ll never be free,

Open you eyes, trust in yourself, and understand that only you hold the key.

And when you don’t believe you have anything more to give,


You were meant to be on this earth,

You are loved more than anything

and above all-

Choose to live.

With Much Love, Smiles & Support,

Hanna xx


  1. So beautiful Hanna. Just love it :)

  2. This post saved me.

    Thank you.


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