Saturday, August 6, 2011

disappointment... and an illustration that one meal won't make you bigger

So I had a post planned for today. I actually started writing it whilst waiting for the guy to turn on the gas at my new house... but I didn't finish it. I feel..  I don't know... not like typing exactly.

A lot of disappointments as of late from all different directions. puppies. people. papers. and something that doesn't start with a P.... but rhymes with it.

I feel horrid even saying that for some reason as if I'm trying to be "all about me" or "pity party me"... but it's more like overwhelmed. extremely overwhelmed.

In good news, I talked to my great aunt tonight. It was funny. Someone recently posted about Graeters ice cream which made me think of her (we've gotten it together in the past when I visited her in Hang on Sloopy O-H-I-O) and she told me she actually JUST had it as my great uncle took her out for it for her birthday.

man, I love that woman.

anyhoo... I'm going to post something newish but oldish (4th of July old) -I'm fairly thankful I have a tendency to draft a couple of posts before deciding which to post up...


in chronological order

Image Image
Image Image

Yes, I ate like 3/4 of that sandwich... but can you tell a difference in me physically from pic one to pic four??? NO.

One meal. One day. That won't make you larger... certainly not noticeably larger.

oh and yes, my dress has elephants on it <3


  1. I love the illustration, it's wonderful :)

    And the Graeters ice cream reminds me of my trips there with my parents and grandparents. Even though I never lived in Cincinnati for any length of time, I still know graeters because EVERY ice cream gets compared to it!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

  2. you are truly an inspiration.


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