Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I put all my effort into my post then pike out on the title.

Hello. My name is Kate, I live in rural Australia and I am 20.

So my first blog day hey. My entries will be a mish mash of inspiring and eccentric art and music, wonderful experiences, creative ideas for recovery and everything in between that I would love to share! How about I start with some of me?

I love metaphors. I have dreadlocks. I'm wildly passionate and wildly anxious. I love my two doggies but wish wish wish little Fuzz wouldn't kill blue tongue lizards. I work in finance and am travelling to Europe in August. I hope to one day open my own business...or be an artist.....or a musician....or volunteer my but off for women's rights and the environment! I love metaphors, I'm a cynic and love politics and hate politics and want to change the world that touches me.

I challenge you to slow down for a while, take notice of tiny little things that make you feel nice. This activity goes perfectly in little notebooks with grid paper and bound with recycled cardboard.
'Things that make me happy...'
-New, fancy underwear
-Colouring in my ipod
-Wearing no shoes in shopping malls
-The first wipe of the windscreen wipers on a wet windscreen
-Trimming my fingernails
-People who have beautiful handwriting
-People who use smiley faces in emails at work
-Using my calculator quickly
-The stories the holes in my stockings tell
-Magazines and zines
-Free information leaflets
-Looking at blades of grass and leaves and rocks and bark and noticing how tiny they are and how amazing and complex they are and more beautiful than anything i could ever dream of
-Looking at the other side of the sky at sunset

Your go!
Here's a lovely song called Rescoery by a lovely lady called Sally Seltmann (or New Buffalo) to make your evening serene.
love kate xx

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