Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self-Loathing... Self-Loving

It's the first day! It may take awhile for things to get in sync, so bear with us, but I have a really good feeling about this.

If you haven't already read what we're about or will be then let me fill you in real quick. We're a group of individuals coming together to share a variety of things. Some of us are active in eating disorder activism, some of us are in recovery from eating disorders, some of us know others who are struggling with the notion of self-love, and ALL of us want to share what's helped us, things we love, quotes that made us think, sparks of enlightenment that we've had, and other items such as artwork.

If you're interested in taking a day (or doing a guest post), let us know!
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On this first day, I share with you something I posted on my journal/blog - I think it's really important though. Important enough to be brought over here.

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The way that the media presents that to us leaves us with the notion that self-loathing is actually a form of character building. That self-loathing can lead to self improvement... and even make us better individuals as a result.

Look at the source of this message though... who in the media is telling us this? It's advertising companies... 
What do advertising companies do? Well, they get paid a lot of money to create advertisements  advertisements trying to convince us that we need to buy things... things to "improve" us... In order to make us want to improve ourselves... they have to make us think that we're flawed.

Here's the thing. We do have flaws. But those flaws make us perfect. We don't need to be fixed... and we don't need to loathe ourselves so some corporations can make money off us insecurities that they're exploiting or helping to create. Self-loathing doesn't build character... it builds them a larger pile of money.

Let's instead focus on doing something else... let's engage in some self-love. How do we engage in self-love?? By not buying into what the media is selling (the ideas that we are not enough without aid, assistance, and improvement). By advocating for ourselves... by loving ourselves... or at least start the process of learning to.

You are the most important person you will ever have a relationship with... make yourself the priority.

The love for oneself should be unconditional. It should hold no stipulations. No criteria to make yourself deserving of love. EVERYONE deserves and is worthy of love. You are no exception.

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