Thursday, August 4, 2011

Going For a Walk

As Fall is not too far off, I get that old itch to start making the best of the summer weather. Today I'll be going to the Chicago Botanic Garden and visiting amongst gardens, my favorite Rose Garden, English Walled Garden and the Japanese Gardens.

I can recall a time when I barely left my house (except to exercise), barely appreciated nature, and missed out on the wonderful transition of the seasons. Granted, the leaves aren't turning colors quite yet, but I am definitely anticipating the changing seasons this year with more mindfulness. I look forward to the warm teas and switch back to hot coffee in the Fall, making leaf piles, and riding my bike in the last warm dregs of Autumn.

I have always felt that Nature has both brought me closer to myself in an intimate way--perhaps why it was way too scary when I was very sick--and also closer to everything, in a sort of spiritual-transcendent manner. In Nature I find myself reflected in the trees and leaves and clouds; I know that the fractal patterns that govern the branching structure of a tree (repeated over and over), are similar to the ones I can see in the branching of the veins all over my body. In another light, I see my mood in the sky and the weather, I feel alive when the wind and rushing by and calm when the air is still. I used to visit a tall, secluded prairie area on top of a hill when I was younger so that I could sit and look out over the cornfields and homes surrounding me. I felt both connected to all around me--both animals and people--but safely secluded in my hidden spot.

Do you have any places in nature that you like to go? If so, why?


  1. I totally relate to this. It's one of the reasons I'll be sad to leave my current home. I think there's something energizing about the changing of the seasons.

    Have fun in the gardens =)

  2. oh i love nature, hence all the photos haha. nothing makes me feel more at peace than being out at the ocean or in the gardens or up in the hills. i love watching the weather and the seasons, all of them. im jealous you are heading to fall because i love the change in colours, but im also excited we are heading to spring because i love spring flowers xoxo


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